Beta Testers wanted

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Creator, Sigmetic
June 29, 2020

Sigmetic is looking for Beta Testers

Sigmetic is currently looking for another round of beta-testers for the paid plan.

What is Sigmetic

Sigmetic is a toolkit for the data-driven software team.
It’s a productivity tool that works by collecting data from your GitHub organization thus providing powerful metrics of the habits and trends in your team.

The ideal user

Ideally, you’re managing a small software team or maintaining an Open-Source project and you’re using GitHub.
However, Sigmetic can also be a really useful tool for you that’s working solo on a project.

How to get a free subscription

We opened the gates 🤘
So for the next period, all users that create an account get to keep the paid-plan privileges forever.
You can sign up here.

Provide feedback

You are not obligated to provide feedback, and you’re free to use your account as much as you want.

However, we highly depend on your feedback, so please don’t hesitate with voicing your opinion about anything that comes into mind.
In particular, we are curious about:

  • Would you benefit from using Sigmetic?
  • Would you pay for it?
  • Why/why not?

The simplest way to give us your opinion is to use the chat in the app, after logging in 😁 Otherwise, you’re very welcome to use the contact form on the website, or by writing directly to:

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