Introducing Sigmetic

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May 05, 2020

Continuous improvement starts with the insight

In the world of modern software development, the expectations of the software products we use are getting increasingly higher, and the demands on the team’s software development process are increasing proportionally.

It is more important now than ever that we ship faster, continuously while securing a high standard of the code that goes into production.

As a consequence, it cannot come as a surprise that modern software development teams monitor and track a lot!
We have Datadog, Prometheus, Kibana, Elastic Search, Log Rocket, Track.js, and a series of other useful tools for monitoring the performance of our software.

But another incredibly important aspect of a software team is us! Humans.
The engineers, managers, and product owners on the team.
If we really want to secure the quality of the products we ship, we need to start applying the same effort on the team’s development processes as we do on monitoring the performance of our software.

In a world where distributed teams and remote work is here to stay, it is also of crucial importance to keep the development cycle open, transparent, and allowing more close collaboration on the team.

Introducing Sigmetic

In my career in software development, I’ve noticed how teams seem to struggle with the same recurring issues: Code reviews that are taking forever, PRs that cannot get merged due to missing dependencies from other branches, an almost grotesque meantime to restore a bug and a missing overview of the lead time it takes to ship a new feature.

Generally, a complete lack of understanding of why it takes forever to ship even small, supposedly simple new features and bugfixes.

These issues are exactly what inspired me to create To gain insight into these processes. Because, essentially, that is the only way we can start improving!

A new productivity tool has been born

As if we didn’t have enough already, am I right? 😜

However, I sincerely believe that this tool can make an incredible difference for a lot of software teams. is still in beta, but the vision is crystal clear and the mission has begun 🚀

Simon LH, Creator

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